/ 18.10.2019

More than 50 startups together at Villa Trissino Marzotto on Pitch Day

On Thursday October 3, in the unique setting of Villa Trissino Marzotto in Vicenza, the traditional appointment for startup finalists and the Jury of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize took place. 

It was the occasion to go into detail about the candidates’ projects with corporations, business angels, venture capitals, accelerators, incubators, scientific and technological parks and sector operators who are all involved in the various commissions of the Jury.

The winners will be announced on November 21 in Rome, on the occasion of the GMP9 finale.

Competing for a grant of 300,000 euros from the Progetto Marzotto for the Company Prize, are the following:

Busforfun > A shared green transport system for enjoying the world. 

A young mobility company that lets you travel in a sustainable, economic and safe way across Europe.

Endorail > An innovative endoscopic accessory that exploits new anchoring technology which allows for a quick, safe and painless colonoscopy.

Enerbrain > A scalable solution that integrates the Internet of Things with hardward plug&play components, which is able to monitor and manage the energy and environmental performance of a building thanks to the use of control algorithms that are based on machine-learning mechanisms. 

Plick > A service that allows you to send money in any Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), with no amount limits, and in complete safety, through the use of a phone number or email alone. The transaction is account to account, with no need for an IBAN, banks, credit institutes or electronic money. No registration is required nor any downloading of apps.

WISE > Thanks to its own technology, SCBI can produce soft, implantable neuro-electrodes that are almost as soft as neural tissue and now they aim at solving one of the clinical needs that has been unresolved for many years in Spinal Stimulation in the treatment of chronic back pain: it is an electrode that is not only directional but also provides wide coverage and is implantable through the skin. 

While in the Finals competing for 50,000 euros from the Gaetano Marzotto Prize for the Company Idea Prize are the following:

ComplexData > It develops new algorithms in the biomedical field, such as Ariadne, the artificial intelligence platform which predicts the aggressiveness of a breast tumor in an innovative way with a personalized medical approach. 

Ematik > An automatized system which creates a patch of blood of patients in the cure of skin injuries, to reduce healing times drastically. The first patch is for the veterinary sector. It will be subsequently used on humans in the cure of bedsores and ulcers. 

Guido > A fibre optic device that makes epidural anaesthesia safer and more efficacious, projected for immediate use by anaesthetists and is compatible with currently used procedures.

iBlue > The first kit to measure anti-oxidant levels in the body that can be used by consumers in just a few minutes, with a drop of saliva. 

Innovacarbon > Using carbon-based nanomaterials, it produces innnovative filters to purify municipal and industrial water that has been polluted by organic substances. 

Proteso > To improve the ergonomics of heavy work, it proposes a robotic exoskeleton that lightens the burden on the back during the movement of heavy loads. 

Relief > It aims at marketing an innovative endourethral sphincter to combat urinary incontinence.


The 31 startup winners of mentorship programmes, promoted by the Network of Incubators, Accelerators and Scientific and Technological Parks