Salvatore Majorana

Director Parco Tecnologico Kilometro Rosso

Salvatore Majorana is the Director of Technology Transfer at Technology Italian Institute (IIT), his role encompasses responsibility on both the Patent Office and the Licensing and Industrial Liaison Office. With the goal of conveying research results to the market, identifying and negotiating deals with corporations, the office supports Spin Offs in setting up their business and in finding financial partners. The role is also responsible for IIT Intellectual Property protection and patent portfolio management, as well as strategic IP licensing. Prior to join IIT, as Managing Director of an investment company focused on Italian SME’s, Salvatore developed a direct experience in company evaluation, deal structuring, business development, financial management and fund raising. He worked as manager at ATKearney and EDS, served as senior consultant at Deloitte and as investment analyst for KIWI II investment fund. He started his career at CSELT-Telecom Italia, where he contributed to the development of service costing and pricing models of the incumbent operator.  He gained his MBA from INSEAD in 2005 (France and Singapore) and graduated cum laude in Electronic Engineering from Università degli Studi di Catania (Italy), after a research activity on Cellular Neural Network carried on at University of California at Berkeley (USA).


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