Michele Padovani

Executive director of Cherry Bay Capital

Michele Padovani, is Executive director of Cherry Bay Capital. Previously He was Director of EY’s Innovation Strategy team. Before joining EY he was the head of CLN Group’s Spa Corporate Venturing division. Michele is also the co founder of Istarter, a venture accelerator with offices in Italy and London, that offers selected start-ups the financial and strategic tools needed to develop through a diversified network of more than 60 equity partners with an elevated professional standing covering most of the world. In the VC market Michele is also an advisor for Sellalab, Banca Sella’s start-up accelerator, and a mentor in StartUpBootCamp Fintech/ Insuretech. His institutional career in Finance saw him being a Vice President in a large International banking corporation where he worked in investment banking, risk management and distressed assets divisions both nationally and abroad. This then led him to occupy a seat on the Board of an Italian bank. Hungry for new experiences, Michele is not in love with technology per say, instead he is fascinated by the ways in which technology, innovation and new business models can change and enhance people’s lives.


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