Francesco Inguscio

Ceo & Rainmaker, Nuvolab

Francesco Inguscio’s origins were in Veneto but he is an urban nomad by vocation. In his 32 years of life he has developed a great enthusiasm for, and experience in, the world of innovation. In Silicon Valley he was managing director for business development of the startup incubator M31 USA, business development manager at USMAC, and dealflow manager for the business angel network The Angels’ Forum. He was also a partner of Enlabs, a software startup incubator in Rome, and a consultant for IBM GBS, Accenture Business Consulting, and Prometeia. After have on collaborated with the Sant’Anna senior school where he gained a Master’s degree cum laude in innovation management, he was then awarded a Master’s degree in technology entrepreneurship by Santa Clara University, thanks to a Fulbright BEST grant; he also won the Mind the Bridge startup competition in 2010 at Stanford with VRMedia, one of his first startups. He was awarded a degree cum laude in finance by Padua University. Today he is “rainmaker and CEO” of the Nuvolab accelerator venture and a cultivator of the “rainforest” of Italian innovation. By capitalizing on his previous experiences, he tries to work in such a way that no business remains “bereft” of good ideas, and that no one can think that his or her (entrepreneurial) path is like crossing the desert.


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