Francesca Perrone

Head of Territorial e Sectorial Development Plans, UniCredit

She is head of territorial and sectorial development plans for UniCredit, with the aim of developing, coordinating, and realizing projects on the theme of innovation and internationalization for the development of Italian businesses. Among the main projects she has developed are UniCredit Start Lab/ Il Talento delle Idee, an accelerator program for the identification and support of innovative startups through which there have been evaluated some 2,000 startups, 200 projects selected, and more than 150 partners involved. She has been with UniCredit since 1999 after have on obtained a Master’s degree and a PhD in international economy at the University of York, UK, and a doctorate in environmental economy at Bari University. With eleven years experience in investment banking, her focus has always been on consultancy activities for leading Italian firms with regard to IPO, M&B, and leverage finance operations.


Michele Padovani


Caterina Siclari