Alessio Rossi

Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs President

Born in Rome in 1979, Alessio undertakes the “career” of Young Entrepreneur after his graduation in Law, and after an experience as manager of an Italian middle enterprise. Today, he is main partner and executive President of Imaco S.p.A., a reality of the general construction industry that is growing in Italy as abroad. In 2014 he decided to invest in the future of the Italian productive system, founding a Venture Capital Company specialized in “early stage” investment, focused on risk capital for innovative startups. After joining the Movement in 2005, Alessio was elected in 2011 President of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Unindustria. From 2014 to 2017 he joined the Young Entrepreneurs National Presidency as Vice President with the responsibility of Economic Growth and Start-Up. Today, he is President of Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs and Vice President of Confindustria.


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